Brio de Cantenac Brown

Brio de Cantenac Brown
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Brio de Cantenac Brown

A blend of 50% cabernet s, 5% cabernet fi 45% merlot and a whole before bottling spent 12 months in French oak barrels, a quarter of new ones.
The first nose is very fresh, with a strong aroma of cabernet is fast disappearing vanilla. The second more oak, with a delicate fruit. The mouth, which I happened to be in the bottle did not like, not very tannic, very quiet. But for someone else may be an advantage and will be praised as gentle tannins Brio and sensual. But I'd prefer astringent and hard, with a thick grain. Dried fruit with green currants and cherries, some notes reminiscent to me of sherry. The slightly bitter and wood Finish is very long, dry and fruity. The third floral nose, intense and sweet. In general, there is no shortage of sweets but it is toned down and balanced. Alcohol, 13%, not perceptible. Over time, increases the acidity, the following days there are aromas of chocolate and coffee, as I lack is not only courageous but also more interesting tannin structure. I had much higher expectations, but of course I admit that Brio du Chateau Cantenac Brown is a great wine. But I think it is too early and opened a bottle of wine is not yet acquired a proper shape. Until today, I would not recommend drinking but after a few years in the cellar, it may be very good indeed.

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