Chateau Ksara - Cabernet Sauvignon

Chateau Ksara - Cabernet Sauvignon
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Lebanon, Chateau Ksara - Cabernet Sauvignon

This is a classic, generous, full-bodied wine with tons of character and good aging potential. All the typical Cabernet Sauvignon indicators – blackcurrants, peppers and chocolate – are present.

The Bekaa Valley is the home of modern Lebanese wine. Almost 90% of Lebanon's wine is made here, as is a respectable proportion of its Arak, the anise-flavored spirit that remains the nation's favorite alcoholic drink. Although the Bekaa has long been a hotspot of agriculture in this otherwise desertous, mountainous region, it is only in the past few decades that its vinicultural potential has been truly realized.

The oldest winery in the area is Chateau Ksara, which was established by the Jesuit Christians of Taanayel (Tanail), an ancient monastic settlement just down the valley from Ksara. The first vineyard there was planted in 1857, with plants brought from France via the colonies in Algeria. In those days Lebanon was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, whose Sharia law condemned the production or consumption of wine except for religious purposes. Thus the initial winery was very subdued, and it was not until the French took control of the country after WW1 (under the League of Nations' French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon) that Bekaa Valley wine production began to expand.

The long, narrow valley is a high-altitude (3000ft/1000m) oasis of agriculture and viticulture that runs north-south for around 40 miles (65km) between the Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon mountains. The mountains are almost entirely to thank for the unique fertility of the terroir here, as they provide protection from the deserts to the east and the maritime rains to the west. The first half of this simple but effective climatic equation is the rain shadow cast by Mount Lebanon (which is actually a 100-mile mountain range, rather than a single peak as its name implies). The second half is the water that flows down off the hills and into the valley more ...

Lebanon wine region
Lebanon is a Middle Eastern country with an ancient wine culture that has experienced a renaissance in the past few decades. In 2011, roughly six million bottles of Lebanese wine were produced from 5000 acres (2000ha) of vineyards concentrated mostly in the Bekaa Valley. The majority of Lebanese wine is exported to the UK, France and the USA, where the receptive consumer bases have encouraged healthy growth in Lebanon's modern wine industry. In 1998 there were fewer than ten wineries in Lebanon – now there are more than 30. The majority of the wine they produce is red, made from the classic wine grapes of southern France.

Lebanese wine history dates back more than five millennia. It begins with the Phoenicians, an ancient civilization whose strong culture of travel and trade was of considerable importance to the development of early Mediterranean civilization. Wine was an important export for this ancient culture, and was taken to Egypt in large volumes and traded for gold.



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